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Honesty does not apear to be the best policy!

I purchased a membership a few months ago (Not the Gold Membership) and spent quite some time setting up a few routes that I had in mind at the time. Now that I have come back to use the routes, the app says that they were created under the Gold membership and will be converted and recalculated. Since I did not buy the Gold Membership in the first place, how is this possible and secondly why is it holding me ransomĀ  and forcing me to upgrade to Gold just to use maps that I spent the time and effort putting into the system. Going off this app and the developer / company in a hurry. To make things worse there is no way to contact the company / developer to query this. My lesson is that you don't pay for anything where the developer or company does not even allow you the opportunity to query about issues.! Will be leaving a similar post on Play Store...Not Impressed.

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