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Navigate to next Waypoint

When I go off route the app tries to get route me in circles to the place where I left the route. It also shows two routes when this occurs one for the onward route and another to route back but the instructions are always to go back. It would be very useful if it either just automatically navigated to the next way point or there was a function to tell it to do this or it just carried on with the route once you were back in the planned route.

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Thanks Andy,

Very informative.

Hopefully that will come to iOS soon or i may have to ditch the 3 Year old 6Plus for the S9 :-)

That’s a half way house feature currently not even available on iOS. But largely irrelevant as this thread is a feature request to navigate to the next onward waypoint. The screenshots depict a human decision making process and assumes you know where you are and where you want to go. But you don’t and that’s why we rely on Sat Nav!!!

I also think that the function should be automated, I stopped 3 times to day to use the skip button. It was extremely annoying  continuously being told to turn left or right in order to route back to a missed way-point, when I could see the correct route on the screen in front of me. Some times on busy roads it's difficult to find a place to stop to carry out the skipping, and all the time I have to put up with verbal instructions that are of no practical use. Please Please do something about this as it's obvious from all the other post that it's a globally recognised problem. 

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