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Speed Limit when planning a route

When using the MyRoute-app Navigation the speed limit for the road you are on is displayed. Would it be possible to transfer this information across (perhaps as a Gold feature - I would even pay something additional for this feature!) so it could be used in MyRoute-app web?

Would be really helpful to be able to see the speed limits of roads when planning a route to get the best ones and avoid others. 

I currently have to look at for speed limit data and then swap between browser tabs to plan effectively which is really clunky.

Dear Will,

Thank you for your suggestion. A very understandable point. I will refer your suggestion with our developers, they will look into it further.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support

Hi Will,

I didn't know about itoworld until now.  I've always tended to look at Google Street View instead. If you track up and down a road a little bit you'll generally see a speed limit sign of some kind.  As always, it's not 100% accurate as a local authority may have changed the limit since the Street View image was taken. On normal Street View, the image capture date is shown in the bottom right corner.  Unfortunately this is not shown when viewing it through MyRoute-app.


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