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Route Calculation with Here Routing Fails


When I try to create a new route with Here selected as the route calculation option, I receive the above error.

Routes I was working on yesterday with Here routing all now report the sameĀ error when I open the routes, when yesterday they were fine.

Yesterdays routes & all new routes still all calculate okay with OpenStreetMap or TomTom routing selected.

Even if I create a simple 2 waypoint route & select Here routing I get the failure.

Would really like to use Here for the routing calculation due to the ability to disable seasonal closures, quite a bit of my routes are over the pyrenees.

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Yes I have the same issue too!!!!

I guess it's a software error with MRA.

Hope they fix it quickly, I have routes to plan for a 7 day trip.

& this evening all appears to be good.
Gremlins in the pipes!

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