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Read-only view mode

I find that editing features (e.g. adding new waypoints, moving waypoints) sometime get in the way when I am just exploring the route, would be nice to have some kind of read-only view mode, to prevent accidental modifications.

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That's a god tip, thanks.

Not having a full screen view mode makes the app unusable on a mobile device. The screen is so cluttered with crap you can't see the map. I won't go gold until that is fixed.

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Hi, was the read only view mode implemented? The latest mobile app now appears to be in edit mode with the crosshair for adding a waypoint obstructing the map when I want to view and zoom in to parts of the route.

We take a look, and a mean a good tip, not a god tip :)

I would also like to see such option. 

It would be also great to remove the big waypoints signs to take a clean screenshot to post it on forum/facebook/


That's a god tip, thanks.

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