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Total Route Time

I've noticed that the total time it states it will take to drive a route in both the web app and Tyre are the same. However, when I copy the route into my Garmin, the time is very different, although the miles are just about the same. I'm not sure yet which is correct-I'll have to drive some routes. Anyone else notice a difference in the route time in Web App/Tyre vs Garmin?

Garmin use different maps and has a different routecalculation.

The driving time is an estimate time.

A couple of hours into the trip, the Garmin time changed to match the routeapp time. It had been an hour longer. The routeapp/tyre estimate seemed to be more accurate.

Thanks for telling.

Whose time should I trust, Tyre or Garmin?

I have a Garmin 390 and have found the time is always less than on Tyre or MRA. I consistently ride at least 10 kmsh or mph over the posted speed, and think the Garmin has adjusted the time accordingly. My time to destination is always bang on when I get there.

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