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Google Maps route import from web

One of the most useful tools in Tyre is the ability to import a route from the web which allows you to create a route in Google Maps and then bring it into Tyre. Is that something you are looking to offer with the web application for MRA? I realized the route creation in MRA is actually using Google Maps, but I have several routes I have already created with Google Maps and it would be great to be able to import them instead of re-creating them.


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No, it is not in the planning on this moment. It is a lot more fun to make a route directly in MRA.

For your Google Maps routes on this moment you can use Tyre, and if you want you can upload the 'converted' routes in MRA.

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Agree 100%. creating routes in MRA is actually fun, not to mention it makes you more familiar with the actual roads on the route.

Thanks Jimmy Vick!

You're missing a trick. Google maps doesn't allow you to navigate a specific route. With the pro version of your software, you can take a route and increase the waypoints to make it navigable. You'd get more Pro members like me if you added this facility which we had in Tyre.

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