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GPX 1.0 Or 1.1 When Exporting?

I have a Garmin Zumo 660 and under TYRE it was very simple to get my route onto it - simply 'copy to Garmin' and the route was transferred.

When I go to export a route from MyRoute-app web, I am presented with a list of different export types from the connector. My choices are basically Garmin GPX 1.0 (old) or Garmin GPX 1.1 (new) - which one do I use? Both appear to copy to the device fine but I can't tell the difference.

The size of the exported file also seems to be a lot bigger from MyRoute-app web than it does from TYRE, is there any reason for this? I don't know what GPX file version TYRE uses but it might be helpful to know for comparison.

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Hello there,

We have just published a manual about the BoomBox infotainment system. Please let us know if any information is missing, unclear or incorrect.

Hopefully this manual is useful to you and your Harley Davison community.

Click here for the manual.


The difference in size is indeed caused by the fact that the Harley Davidson GPX file does not contain the route-track (consisting of a large number of points) but only the route.

Hello there, sorry for the delay and thank you for all your messages.

We had a user coming over today with her Harley Davidson Trike containing a Boombox infotainment system. Eventually we have managed to fix the reported issues and it should now be working without any hassle.

I will post a link to our manual very soon (this week)!


I wondered if the track info didn't take up the majority of the file size.  I still have yet to run my own test here with the HD format to see if it works fine.  Am still wondering if it will show the waypoint text as originally entered, or only lat/long numbers.

Thanks for the input!


Hi Harry,

If you open the two different GPX files with Notepad you will indeed see that the XML route points are a tiny portion of the file. There are many trackpoints for every route point. 

The old ITN files for TomTom with 30 waypoints would be just 1K.  

Daniel MRA,

I am creating new routes for western North Carolina for another group ride and I've noticed something that makes me question the new HD 1.1 route format.  

I just save a route 159 miles long (public on MRA) with 29 waypoints.  Saving as the "old" version of a 1.0 GPX file, the file size is 466KB, but when I save it as the "new" HD 1.1 GPX version, the file size is 11KB.  Obviously there is more data being saved in the 1.0 file, but I can't believe all of that is the track information.

What is creating such a huge difference in file size and what (if anything) will be missing in the new HD formatted file?
Thanks in advance.


I had the same problem when exporting a route to GPX (standard save) and then importing it to the TomTom web route planner - it didn't import the waypoint names. But on opening the GPX file produced by MRA the waypoint names are all in just ignored them.

Will be interesting to see if MRA can solve your problem but it may be a Harley infotainment "feature"!?


Daniel MRA, 

I have initial feedback from a very competent and trusted source just this morning that said the waypoints (WP) are now showing as lat/long coordinates on the infotainment screen and not as the text that was entered with each WP.  

I have not tested it yet to confirm this, but my friend knows more than I do about your software and the Harley infotainment system.  If this is true, this would not work well at all for Harley owners, as we need to see those custom names we enter for each WP when we design a route.

I will get back to you with more info as it becomes available.


Daniel and Nigel,

Thank you for the prompt response, Daniel!  I must say that your desire to help the people who are using your product far outstrips Harleys ability to help us, and we all appreciate it.  You can be sure that I will be posting your emails to me on the forum for all to see.

I have watched the basic course video, but am very excited that you have decided to do an in-depth video on HD route planning.  Your video will be watched by many people on our forum with keen interest, as Harley has yet to put anything like this out for the Ride Planner software.  Thank you in advance for your efforts.

You can be sure that we will be testing your new HD file format soon, and when I do, I will definitely be posting feedback.

Again, thank you MRA!!!


Dear Harry and Nigel,

Thank you for contributing all your information. It is helpful for other users, but also for us (we are stacking notes at the office).


At you can watch a basic course on MyRoute-app, however a more in-depth video on route planning specifically for Harley Davidson will follow in a later stage. This content will all be added to the academy.

We have added the "Harley Davidson" export so that the output file (GPX) exactly matches the output of the online HD trip planner. The reason for this was due to the fact that some HD infotainment navigation system got stuck because of the Garmin file formats. Could your or one of your friends test this new format in the infotainment system and let us know whether it works correctly? Additional information about the tested device would be highly appreciated aswel.

As soon as we are confident that the HD file export works good on the infotainment system, we can continue with the video course material.

Nigel and MRA,

Well, we had 70 CVO Harley bikes in Eureka Springs Arkansas last week, and as the ride chairman for that week-long event, I had 17 routes prepared for them, all of them done on MRA.  The shortest route was ~25 miles and the longest was over 300 miles.  Folks were using the 2014 and newer Harley Infotainment nav systems as well as the Garmin 660 and 665's.  If there were other models on bikes, I wasn't aware of them.

The bottom line was that MRA didn't let us down the whole week.  I heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone and no problems were brought to my attention.  I myself had no issues with the MRA routes I used on my '15 RGU.

Our thanks to MRA for a good product and for good feedback on this forum from their engineers and guys like you, Nigel.


Hi Harry.

A couple of reasons why I try and avoid waypoints at junctions probably best illustrated by examples where GPS points from google maps were given to me for a route:

One was turn right and take the motorway north. Because the tomtom map had the road junction 15 feet different to google my instruction on TomTom was to go south on the motorway - and add 50 miles to the route!

The other, a regular occurence, is to put a point maybe 50 yards down a side road you want to take leading to a nice route that later rejoins the main route you're generally following. However, the gps unit finds it easier to turn you round after 50 yards and go straight back to the main road! Put the point half way along your detour and the GPS has no choice.

YMMV and clearly nothing is foolproof but I find that thinking of the route you want to take rather then where you want to turn works better for me. However, in the middle of a city then more points required.

Good luck with it. I enjoyed my US trip on a Road King and hanker to get back there. I probably need to get back out in the UK on my non Harley V Rod .

Cheers, Nigel

Thanks for all that, Nigel.  MRA's been good to us so far, and more responsive than HD is.  They also offer much more on-line help with the app than HD does.  That being said, it would be nice to see in-depth videos from MRA in English, and I figure that's coming one day.

I've seen the vids on YouTube about the infotainment system, but only one was of real help.  Those of us on the CVOHarley forum who want to create our own routes for the system are typically pretty savvy about the system but there are enough shortcomings/quirks with the Infotainment system that we keep finding reasons to scratch our heads over problems.  We have even discovered work-arounds that even Harley dealerships or HD themselves didn't know about.  

I appreciate your feedback, and have a question about your #3 item above.  Can you explain in more detail what you meant about not placing waypoints near junctions.  Does that mean not putting them near crossroads or turns from one highway to another?  I found that putting a WP both before and after a turn forced the infotainment systems to take that exact route, rather than make up its own, so to speak.

Thanks again!

I haven't got the Infotainment system so can only speak generally but it may be of use :)

MRA is great in that you can (with a gold sub) plan a route for Google maps, TT, or Garmin and compare them. Assuming your GPS units have up to date maps then it's pretty certain that the route followed will match the route planned. I have planned many routes using MRA Garmin maps and sent them to my Nav 5 with great success.

The Harley system uses iGo maps from NNG .I remember when iGo first came out and it looked like it could be good. However, the iTunes reviews are very few and mostly 1* and apparently they don't update their maps nearly as much as TT or Garmin - and Harley don't like paying for the upgrades anyway. A good example is people navigating to a specific Harley dealer on the list and finding it closed several years ago....   

To get the best chance of everyone going in the same direction you need to:

1) Get them all with the same updates on their Nav system

2) Check they have selected the same route and recalculation preferences on their system

3) DON'T place waypoints near junctions or somewhere that you know is a new bit of road.

There are videos on Youtube on how to import a GPX file into the infotainment system.Have a hunt for the one that makes most sense to you :)

If you take GPS units from different manufacturers and give them exactly the same GPS route points they will invariably choose different ways to get there - sometimes with minor differences and sometimes major. And all of them have roads missing or junctions wrong that have not been corrected for years, and years, and years!