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User Manual?

I can't seem to find basic instructions on how to use MyRoute web? Trying to add a last waypoint to route, but don't see how to return to the starting waypoint?

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We are working on a manual, you can take a look at this dutch video:

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I don't even understand what it is???? let alone how to use it???? does one need a cell phone to use it???? I watched the video but it's not really telling much at all..............................

Please take a look at our info page:

I just can't find any basic info on how to actually use this app. I go to the create a route app page and there is no guidance whatsoever! Extremely frustrating. The info page tells you nothing either, so I can sympathise with Jimi C-S above

We are a start-up and working on the manuals, here some Dutch video's:

For the 'change log', explanation new functions, the latest 'newsletter' and the forum, you can now also visit the MyRoute-app website! 

Just click on the new button 'Forum' to the left of the blue 'Login' button.

Hello I've been looking for the ability to:

Track/record a route (motorcycle and i'm following in a new area)

then store it by name

then in the future  use google maps or some such to follow the same route with turn by turn instructions

      are you that application?

Yes it is possible, see the instruction clips:

This is my second year using this application and I have managed to figure out how to some of the basics, like planning a route showing waypoints, then downloading the file to my Tom Tom and using the route for navigation.  I have also recorded a route on the TT and up loaded the track to the desktop file and viewed it on the My Route App.

I know I still have a lot to learn but I am also fustrated by the lack of basic instruction for this program.  I would like to know how to create a track on the computer if possible, also how to create a file of various POI's.  

I have taken a brief look at the video in Dutch, but it is of no help.  Do you have a timeline for completion of an English version.

BTW, whenever I ask a question I have found your service in answering is excellent.....thank you.

Hi Gerry Schnurr,

Basic instructions are ready, see Support > Manuals.

But I'm currently aiming for June to be the month where i try to expand the manuals for as much as possible. I've been collecting the most common ticket requests over the last couple of weeks to see which topics are the most important for adding to our manuals. For the time being, if you're experiencing any difficulties with MRA you can always contact me through our ticket system our forums.

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer support

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