1. In advance

Creating a route based on a track file enables you to compare your new route with it's original track file. This way oddities between the track file and your route can be view able, and if needed adjusted. 

2. Converting a track to a route

First you can follow these steps to converge a track file to a route:

2.1 Open your track:

2.2 On the top right click on 'Use as route' 

2.3 Fill in a name for your new route and click on 'Use' 

2.4 Your new route has now been created

3. Comparing the original track to your route

In order to compare the original track to your route, follow these steps:

3.1 On the left, click on tracks

3.2 Click on 'Original track' to show the original track on your current route

3.3 The track (track = red line)  is now visible on your route (route = black line)

In this example the track file is mostly similar to our new route. However for longer tracks more oddities can occur.