In advance:

You can find your profile by clicking on 'Profile' in the menu. If MyRoute-app users type your name into the search bar on the left, they will land on your profile. Your profile is like your business card, so make sure that it's set up well. You can add more along the way. The upper block gives you information about yourself and your vehicle. The middle block gives an overview of the tracks you recorded with MyRoute-app mobile and the lower block shows your moments including pictures and description.

1. Finding other people's profiles:

  • This is possible by typing a name into the search bar on the left and then clicking enter;
  • You can send a friend request on the top right by clicking on '+ Add friend', the person will then receive your friend request on the left in the list of friends and can accept or reject your request.

2. Edit your own profile (About me and About my vehicle):

  • Go to 'Profile'
  • Click on 'Edit profile' to edit your profile picture;
  • Add text to 'My biography' and 'My vehicle biography';
  • Next, click on 'Save changes'.

3. Tracked using the mobile app:

  • Here you can only see your own completed tracks that were recorded using MyRoute-app mobile in a map;
  • You aas well as other 'Profile' visitors can see tracks, see moments, open and 'use as route', see 'Manual Activities'.

4. Moments (below):

  • This is automatically generated;
  • Click on a picture on the left side to show it magnified on the right side;
  • Click on 'Load more' below the pictures to show previous moments.