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Upgraded/Gold trial but has not updated features.

So wanted to try the new features for the gold updated, clicked on the Gold member trial. Showing in my account that I'm on the 30 day gold trial but i can't see any of the updated features.

And if i try to post a support ticket it says i can't because I'm not a gold member.

Thanks for your time. 

Wanted to try the 'google map' route planner. 

Does your toolkit allow access currently to Gold member only features? Like HERE maps 'avoid seasonal closures' for example?

Hi Christian

Didn't realize there was a 'tool kit' (*just found it in the drop down menu of the 'Route Lab').

I can see now the options for TomTom & Here maps.

Just did a test map and exported direct to my tomtom device via the plug in.

That's pretty handy!

Thanks for your response. 

- attached screenshot just in case anyone stumbles across this post in future. 

Hmmm. When i try to post a 'new support ticket' it says I cant as not a Gold Member, is the support ticket system not available to Trial Gold members. 

That's what confused me before.

Hi Leo,

At this time we've disabled that option temporarily. If you're experiencing any more issues, we're more than happy to help you out through our forum :)! 

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