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Street view

Hi, good morning. Street view is missing?


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Where has Street View gone in Google maps?

Likewise - where has the 'Street View man' gone? Bring it back ASAP please. It's not much use without it for me and many other bikers.

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Yep, use it all the time for planning.

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No street view little man???  This is essential when planning a route, where has it gone?


Street view gone ??? use it all the time to check out hotels / roads etc. ... please return

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Please bring back Streetview!


I see this is a known problem and will be fixed soon.

Lets hope so.

Is anybody there able to create a ticket on my behalf regarding not being able to create new Support Tickets? I am a Gold Lifetime member, but unable to open a new Ticket as I just get a message saying personal support is only for Gold members, which i am.

I created a tickets yesterday and support have responded to say it will be sorted and wasn't intentional. 

Also when you log in they have added a message at the top of the main page which reads.....

Big upgrade 19th and 20th of February 2017!

During the night from 19th to 20th of February, we performed a big upgrade. Among other things, it’s now possible to add more information to a route or to publish a route in the activity overview. And a few things have also happened underneath the front lid. Despite investing a lot of time into testing, it’s possible for us to overlook something. This happened now with ‘Street view’, Street view is gone for the moment, but don’t worry, as we will bring it back as soon as possible. In case you experience any problems, post a message in the form: Support > Forums > Report a problem > Feedback after upgrade 19th and 20th of February 2017.

Hi Dave, was your Ticket regarding loss of Street View, or the inability to create new Support Tickets that some (including myself) are experiencing?

Colin, My ticket was to ask about the streetview. 

I'm sure they must monitor the threads here but if your still experiencing a problem with creating a ticket and I'll try and create on for you, just let me know it's still broken first.

Regards, Dave

Hi Dave,

I just logged in again, and in spite of it showing me as a Gold member, when I try and create a new ticket I'm getting this message - "Only Gold members receive personal support", so if you could raise a ticket on my behalf, I'd be very grateful.

Best wishes


Cool!!! Street View is here again...with some added features!

Nice work!

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