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Ignore Closed Roads When Planning Future Routes?

I am planning a future trip to be ridden in summer. It seems TomTom maps are pretty current for winter road closures, etc.

This gets in the way of planning the route for a summer trip.

Is there a way - or can it be added - to tell the program to ignore current road closures to create my planned route? If anyone is concerned about misleading folk, maybe with a pop up disclaimer to inform planners of the ramifications of the option to ignore that they are choosing?

Love this app. Gave my brother a Gold Sub also. Appreciate your continually improve your expanding functionality to navigation, etc.

Hard for most of we users to be patient when we do not understand the effort involved with modifying and testing code, etc.

Thanks for what you folk are dong !!

John Wild

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Here are some screen snippets to illustrate what I run into...... attached Word doc file



Hi Born2bWild, 

Thank you for the kind words! 
Yes there is a way you can ignore seasonal closures. 

If you set the map to HERE/Garmin and disable the seasonal closures within the toolkit functions. 

I hope this helps! I will now be closing the forumpost to prevent other users from commenting on this forumpost with information which has nothing to do with the original message.

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app