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Auto center switch

Auto center switch

I like the Navigator app but have several times by accident started a route off center. After driving a short while I can not see the route in the display anymore and I have to press the center button.

Here in Denmark I always drives using gloves, so whenever I have to use the Navigator I always have to follow the same procedure:

Stop, gloves off, use the Navigator and gloves back on again. This is due the the touch screen of my phone is capacitive.

So I would really like to have a Auto center switch.

When Auto center is ON, and display is off-center, and speed is above 10 km/h perform the equivalent of pressing center button.

When Auto center is OFF, no change to the current.

The Auto center switch could live in the settings.

Best regards


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Dear Lars,

Thank you for the suggestion. I will communicate this with our developers, they will look further into this problem.

Kind regards,

Customer Support