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Following a route (Navigation)

I created a route on the website and not sure if this feature is in the works to be done, but it would be cool when out and about to select a route on the iPhone and have that either navigate me (inside the MyRoute-App) or open Apple or google maps, or as I have TomTom installed on the phone to navigate with that.

I do not mean using the connector to install a route on a navigation device, as I do not own any devices apart from TomTom on my iPhone, and the connector will not connect to that on OS X.

This is a question I am being asked a lot by my friends.

As a work around I did use the already designed route and track around that, however a few things had to be done and was noticed, 

1, the phone lock screen to be disabled

2, the map did not rotate so it was hard to know which way to turn as it was upside down.

3, It created a new track of the route that was designed

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The connection with Sygic (iOS/android) and Navigon (iOS is ready!

Other apps do not support the import of waypoints.

See a little instruction:

We working on the function 'navigation with external app'. We take a look at the other notes.

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Any route made in MyRoute-app can also be transfered to your Garmin without effort Paolo :)

And we plan to have a free mobile navigation app released for MRA users in the coming months.

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I have a route in myroute web account. When I navigate through Sygic, this app (sygic) change the route. How can i navigate exactly my route?

Sorry, I need to improve my english

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No problem.

It is important to use 47 routepoints.

Because Sygic calculate between the routepoints.

Use the TomTom, because Sygic use the TomTom map too.

Place the routepoints correct.

I try to use the connection between MyRoute-app and Sygic on my iPhone. It works fine if my route starts where I'm currently.

But I wanted to prepare my route in advance for a trip in the USA. So what I do in MyRoute-app on the iPhone: select the route, then click on the navigation symbol, select Sygic. Sygic open and says that some maps are missing. When I look the details I see that all my waypoints are correctly imported in Sygic but the start is my current position (which is really not near my planned route, therefore some maps are missing, see attached screenshot).

The waypoint added at the start is a point which can't be deleted so I'm not able to import my routes. It even sometimes crash Sygic.

Can I use MyRoute-app with Sygic to import planned trips which are not near my actual position?

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Any news in getting the app to work with a free program like Waze ??

I bought the Gold version maybe a year ago and I found out I never used since I have a  a Navigator V ( made by Garmin for BMW ) and I can create a route on tyretotravel and send them oto Garmin - I would have bought the Navigon app and use it on the iphone but in my area the app has only 2 out of 5 star so I stick with using tyretotravel and Garmin.

No, it is not possible to edit a route on an iPhone, with that little screen it is not nice to do is our opinion (on this moment).

But you can edit your route on a iPAD or other tablet.

Ah, yes I see now, I had the app on the iPad but using it via the website I can indeed edit my routes on my iPad.  Thanks

Thanks Guido!

Thanks Michel, downloaded the Sygic app and had a play around today.  My initial thoughts were that Sygic looked too simplistic when compared to TomTom but that simplicity makes it a much better M/C navigation App, much clearer to see information.  Had a few issues transferring routes from MyRoute, Sygic would decide to make it's own routes between waypoints but having watched the youtube video I allocated more waypoints and that solved the problem. 

 I still can't see how to edit my planned routes when viewed in iOS,  I like to plan multi day tours in advance but want to be able to edit my routes on the road with just an iOS device.  Is this possible?  If not, is it something you are planning to incorporate?

is there a way to navigate a route on my android smartphone.
If you could offer in the "Route lab" under "Save as" a "Navigon-txt"-format, many iPhone users would have helped.
For Example:
NAVIGON: // route /?
(There is another program that can save this format)
I am sending this txt with an email to my iPhone, open the email there, click the text and Navigon will start automaticly with the route. Ready ! Very Simple.
To save the "text-file" from the Route-lab directly into the "MyRoute-App"-account would be great.


There is a way to export a route to Google Maps app on your smartphone, but you also have to use the pc TYRE program as well and it also only works if you have less than 10 route points (start, 8 intermediate and end).

1. Save the route from My Route App locally to your PC as any format e.g. .gpx.
2. Now open this file in TYRE on your pc.
3. On the menu go and select View....., Show Route (Google Maps)........ This opens in your browser.
4. If you have set up your chrome browser to log on to your Google account you get the option below the 10 max route points to "send this to your phone" click this.
5. Then on your phone open the route in Google maps and go ride