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Transfer route; Tablet to GPS

The big attraction of MyRoute was the hope that I would be able to plan a route on a tablet and transfer that route to my TomTom Rider. Well I have succeeded! It required two leads (one is a converter) and is a bit fiddly. The TomTom and possibly some Garmins have the ability to swap routes by Bluetooth any chance of being able to use this?

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Dear Gwallter,

Although I thin that Bluetooth transfer is the best solution, I think it would be helpful for others (like me)  to know how your were able to transfer from your tablet to the TomTom Rider.  Could you could add more details. 



For devices that will not connect to a USB memory device via an OTG cable (possibly including Apple tablets - outside my knowledge) I have just tested the Verbatim MediaShare successfully. This is a portable WiFi hub with a USB and an SD card port. an app on the tablet (Android & iOS) allows files to be accessed via the MediaShare. I use this to transfer video files from SD card to a portable hard disk when away from base.


  1. Save the route on your mac as a gpx file.
  2. Connect the TomTom Rider 40/400 with your MAC
  3. Copy the gpx file to your Rider.


Just connect the rider to the mac, select the route and export.  Another window will open to allow you to download the connector.  Choose the OS X version and install.  After installation you can skip the download part and go to the button on the bottom right that says "load route"... and another window will pop open... where you can select your gps and the export.  

Earlier I was having some problems with this feature on an older version of OS X ... but have since upgrading to "Yosemite" and it works fine.

Thanks Tim, but it did not (yet) works with the TomTom Rider 40/400. That is based on a totally new platform.

Hi Michel... sorry, I didn't see that Gerry was using a TomTom Rider 40/400.

I don't know it for sure, but I think so :)

Please remember I am a Rider not a computer expert.

Thanks for the advise so far as I seem to be making progress but still have not completed the journey.

I am using a TomTom Rider Model 4Gd00.001.00

following the instructions I did the following steps:

Created a route

Opened the "Profile" and find the route listed

Saved the route as a GPX file

Selected "Export" and then installed the OS X connector

Selected "Open Route", and got a pop up stating that no application set was found to open the URL My Route ap.

I am using the latest version of the MAC software

Thanks Again

If the Garmin will connect to the USB hub then it will also connect to the Verbatim Media Share. This would be a  more direct way to transfer files.

Thanks for the details of the MAXAH OTG USB, for non iOS users this will solve lots of transfer problems in one go.  - ordering one now :)

Hi Gwalter.

I have investigated a little bit more with Garmin and due to the fact that Navigator V (but generally all their Navi…) doesn’t support data transfer via Bluetooth, and the USB socket cannot be used for attach a memory stick or similar, I realized that the media share that you indicated cannot solve my problem  (although it as a very interesting tool anyway…).

I have tried another solution that, although not fast, can solve the problem to move a Route from MyRoute App on my iPad to my Navigator when I’m travelling, and therefore without pc.

Once I have completed variation to my route on my iPad, I press the button “save as”, choosing a destination in the iPad (personally I use FileApp application).

After that, I open FileApp, select the GPX file and send it as an attachment via email to myself.

I open the email in my  phone (Samsung S6) and  save the attached GPX file.

Then, I attach to my phone a “low cost gadget” (MAXAH OTG USB hub bought on Amazon for 9 euros, copy the GPX on the SD card of my Navigator (\\Garmin\GPX), and insert it again in the Navi.

In the Navi , go to planning route à Import à then choose the import GPX file.  


I know that this is not a fast procedure, but it is a reasonable workaround.


Of course it could be a little easier if Michael will introduce a new feature in MyRoute app that allow to share a Route (*.GPX but also the other format)  as a file attachment in a mail :-).


Michael, do you think that it could be realized in the next future? 

Thx, AA


Thx Gwallter, I'm tryng to understand with Garmin if Navgator V cann connect to an external media, and in the meantime if it support connection via its own USB port.
I'll keep you informed... :-) 


I have the same question of Gwallter. On of the benefit I saw subscribing MyRoute App was the possibility to define my route on travelling, using my iPad, and after that move them drectly to my Garmin/Navigator V, without usign PC.
It seems to me that currently this option is not available, or at least I was not able to find it. Any suggestions (if aleardy exist) or any ideas to have this capabality in the next future?