In advance:

  • You can access 'Routes' by clicking on your 'Profile' and then on 'Routes'. 
  • This can also be done by clicking on 'Routes' in 'Routelab'.
  • This is where all your routes are automatically saved, those you created yourself as well as those you uploaded and those you 'took over' using MyRoute-app mobile;
  • Here are all your saved routes. These are the routes that you have created, uploaded or 'taken over' from a track log.
  • You can organize all routes neatly in folders to create a structure

1. Through this list, you can:

1. Sort by Name
2. Sort by Type (Route or Routetrack)
3. Sort by Privacy
4. Sort by Date last Modified
5. Sort by Distance
6. Sort by Duration
7. Copy route
8. Edit route
9. Delete route
10. More options
11. Back to upper folder
12. Click on a route to open it

2. It's also possible to copy a route:

  • Click on 7;
  • If you want to, you can change the name of the route, for example to 'route name copy 1';
  • Click on 'Accept' to copy the route;
  • Very convenient if you want to edit an existing route - the original route will remain and the copy will be used for your changes.

1. Type the name that the copied route will receive
2. Cancel
3. Save the copy

3. Creating folders and adding routes to the folders.

1. Click here to open the menu
2. Create a folder
3. Create a new route
4. Upload route

4. Of course you can remove routes and sort routes alphabetically:

  • To remove a route, click on the 'cross' icon to the right of the list;
  • To sort alphabetically, click on 'Name';
  • We're right now creating a route archive so that you can neatly organize your routes into folders and subfolders.

5. Remove
When you have clicked 9

1. Cancel
2. Remove the route

6. More options
When you have clicked 10

1. Properties of the route

1.1 Change name
1.2 Change privacy
1.3 Copy route
1.4 Delete route

2. Share route

2.1 Share on twitter
2.2 Share on facebook
2.3 Route route
2.4 Sharing via a link
2.5 Generate code to show route on your own website

2.5.1 Select small size
2.5.2 Select medium format
2.5.3 Select large format
2.5.4 Click here and copy the displayed code to your own website

3. Save route

3.1 Select file format
3.2 Save file
3.3 Entering the mail address
3.4 Select file format
3.5 Send mail

Export route
To export a route an additional program is required. First select the operating system of your computer and follow the steps. If you have already installed the program, you can skip steps 1 and 2.

4.1 Installing the Windows program
4.2 Install Mac program
4.3 Exporting a route