Welcome to the Ride & Enjoy page of MyRoute-app!
Here you can find videos shared by users of MyRoute-app.
Of course you can also share a video on this page!

That works like this:
You click on 'Ride & Enjoy' at the top of the bar. You will then see the following screen, with the 'Submit video' button at the top left.

  1. 'Submit video'

  2. ‘'Sort by'

When you click on 'Submit video' the following screen appears.

It is all quite self-evident but here is a brief explanation.

  1. Put here the name of the owner of the video clip (your own name).

  2. Give the video clip a suitable name and put this name here.

  3. Give a short, but catchy, description of your video clip.

  4. What was the country of recording the video clip.

  5. Choose your own routes from the route you have driven during the video clip.

  6. Confirm here that you are the creator of both the video clip and the GPS Route.

  7. Agree to the terms and conditions here.

  8. Here are all supported file formats.
    Note: The file format may not exceed 1GB in size.
    Click on the green '+ Select file' button to click and upload the relevant file (the video clip).