From MyRoute-app Mobile you can create tracklogs of the journeys you make. This manual explains how to create and manage tracklogs in the app. 

Please note! To create a tracklog, it is important that your location facility is activated. Make sure you activate this before you start tracking to avoid confusion.

In this manual are some pictures of an Android device and some of an iOS device. There might be some differences but most will look the same. 

  • Click on 'tracking' in the main menu (left picture) to start and open the menu shown on the right;
  • Here you will see the following options:
  1. Back to the main page.
  2. Start a new tracklog.
  3. View your routes. These are displayed in order of last edited.
  4. View your completed tracklogs.
  5. Here you see the list of routes or tracklogs (if you have selected heading 4).
    Click on a route/tracklog to open it.

Start new tracklog

You can start a tracklog from the main menu(or from viewing a route).

  • First of all, you choose the route mode: driving, cycling or on foot in a pop-up screen. 
  • Then you will see a world map (middle image) with the following options:

    1. Start tracking

    2. Search hotel

    3. Add favourite

  • If you choose 'Start tracking', a pop-up will appear in which you enter the name of the tracklog. Then click on 'Continue'.

  • The tracking will start and you will see the options as shown in the image below:

  1. With this button, you can pause the tracklog.

    You will then be asked for confirmation.

    After pausing, the icon will change into a 'play button' with which you can restart the tracklog.

  2. Hotel search in the neighbourhood. 

  3. Add favourite.

  4. Finish tracklog: Finish recording. You will still be asked for approval and can cancel.

  5. Take a photo, it will be linked to the location where you take it.

  6. View stats.

View Route

When you open a route, you will see it as follows. There are several options:

  1. Start a new tracklog
    This is the same as starting a tracklog without a route.
    The only difference is that now the route is displayed on the same screen as where you record the tracklog (see image below).
    The tracklog will automatically take over the route mode of the created route. However, you will still be asked to fill in the name of the tracklog.
    Attention! This is no navigation and you will not get any directions. For navigating we developt MRA Navigation.

  2. Open the route in an alternative navigation app (e.g. Sygic).
  3. Search for hotels nearby.
  4. Make this route a favourite.

View tracklogs

If you choose to view a tracklog, you will see it as follows:

  1. Back to tracklog overview.

  2. Share it with others.

  3. View the statistics (you will get the screen as shown on the right).

  4. View the tracklog on the map (you will get the screen as shown on the left).