This manual explains how you can easily manage your routes and track logs in the app from the "Start" menu item. Part of this is also making a new track and recording moments in your track logs.

1. Click on "Tracking" to begin.

1. Back to the main page.
2. Start a new track log.
3. View your routes.
4. Your completed track logs.
5. Click on a route (or track log if you click on 4) to open it.

When you open a route you will see the following screen:

  1. Start new track log.
    This is the same as when you start a track log without a route. Now you will only see the route on the same screen as where you record your track log.

  2. Open route in a navigation app (Sygic).

  3. Find Hotels nearby.

  4. Make this route a favorite.

When you start a new track log you can choose what kind of transport mode you want.

  1. To drive.

  2. to cycle.

  3. Hiking.

  4. Start recording.

When you have clicked "Start" you will enter a new screen

  1. Click here to start recording. This is the same as when you click the button within a route.

  1. Give the tracklog a name.

  2. Start recording.

  1. Click on the play icon to track.
    After this, this changes into a pause button. Click to pause.

  2. End the recording.

  3. Take a picture, it is linked to the location where you make it.

  4. View statistics.

Wanneer u vanuit het menu in oude tracklog bekijkt opent het volgende scherm

  1. Share this with others.

  2. View the statistics.

If you look at the statistics of an old track log or one of those you're currently recording, it looks like this: