This manual explains to you how you can use the app in order to view the completed tracks of other users. It also explains to you how you can filter these tracks by friends or hiking routes, and how you can take over a nice track and add it to your own routes. This will let you track this route or edit it using MyRoute-app WEB.

  1. Click on activities, the activity screen will now be loaded.


  2. The toolbar consists of three buttons. The left button will send you back to the main menu. The button on the right lets you filter by all users, friends, or routes in your proximity. The button on the left of this privacy filter is the track filter button. This button allows you to filter by driven, ridden and hiked routes. 
  3. Set the filters to “driving” and “everybody”.



  4. The activity screen will load the routes. Only the routes that comply with your set filter will be shown. 

  5. Swipe up and down in the screen. This is the way you can navigate through the activities. The newest activities will always be shown on top - the further you go down, the older the activities that you will see. 


  6. Open an activity by clicking on it. You will see the route that corresponds to the activity in the map. 

  7. Click on the statistics icon in the map in order to see the statistics that belong to the route's track. 

  8. Close the statistics screen by clicking on the “back” button. 
  9. Add the route to your own routes by clicking on “use this route”.

  10. Enter a fitting name for the route in the pop-up or use the name that the route creator gave the route. 

  11. Click on OK. A notification will appear informing you that the route has been added to your routes. Click on OK again.
  12. The route will now automatically be opened in the track viewer. From here, you can add your route to your favorites, create a track or navigate through the route with an app. 


  13. Click on back. You will get back to the route overview of the start menu. Click on back again. 
  14. You will be back in the main menu. This concludes the navigation manual for the activities.