This manual explains managing your favorites step by step.

  1. Click on favorites in the main menu. The screen with your favorites will now be loaded and you'll see a list of your favorites

  2. Add your current location as a new favorite location by clicking on the icon “add”, on the right side of the toolbar. The location will be indicated in the map. 
  3. In the toolbar, you'll see the button ''back'', the name of the location and the “EDIT” button. Using EDIT, you can edit the name of the location before saving it. 

  4. Click on EDIT. A new window will appear, in which you can enter the new name of the location. Enter a name and click on OK. 


  5. Click on the button “Save” underneath the map to add you location to your favorites for good. 
  6. A pop-up will appear saying “Saved” and confirming saving your new favorite location. Go back to the favorite overview by using the ''back'' button. 


  7. Click on one of your favorites in the overview. The location will be indicated in the map. You can choose to edit the name using “EDIT”, navigate to the location using the navigation button or returning by clicking on the ''back'' button.



  8. Your favorites are also available in MyRoute-app WEB. You can also add favorites as route points in the route editor. 
  9. Click on the ''back'' button to return to the overview. Click on the ''back'' button again in order to return to the main menu. 


  10. This concludes the manual for using your favorites.