This manual describes which settings can be changed from the settings menu. What this looks like and what options there are, differs a little from one operating system to another. That is why both are shown here. We are currently working on a more equal display of the options.  

Open the settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon (left iOS and right Android).

As you can see the pictures of the iOS device are in Dutch, if there are questions about this, please contact us via the supportpage. 


You will then be given various options (iOS on the left and Android on the right). You can change a setting by clicking on it. 

  1. Set the distance unit. This can be done in kilometres or miles.

  2. Indicate how long after clicking on "Start tracking" recording should actually be started. By setting this to e.g. 10 seconds, you have 10 seconds to put your mobile in your pocket and drive away.

  3. Indicate which privacy setting should apply to the completed tracklogs.

  4. If you enable this, you will be directly redirected to the tracklog when you have completed it.

  5. Notification settings: which notifications are activated within your phone in relation to the MRA Navigation app. 

  6. Logout: this button logs you out of the MRA Navigation app.