Before you can start using MyRoute-app on your Android smartphone, you will first have to download our mobile app. This manual explains to you what steps you have to take.

  1. Open the Google Play store from your apps. Please note: the way the apps are indicated differs from phone to phone, the attached screenshot comes from a Samsung Galaxy S4 using the operating system "Lollipop".


  2. Search for MyRouteapp using the search bar. After the search you'll see the search results. Select MyRoute-app from the list, you'll recognize it by the MyRoute-app logo.



  3. The MyRoute-app download page will be loaded. Click on “Install” in order to start the download.


  4. Click on “Accept” when you see the confirmation screen in order to agree to the accessibility options to your phone that MyRoute-app needs in order to function correctly.


  5. The latest version of MyRoute-app will now be installed on your phone. 


  6. After the installation, you can start MyRoute-app from Google Play, or using the hot key in your app library.