1.Inside of the route editor, click on the “Export” button.

2.The next step is clicking on the OS X button.

3.Open the extracted file called ‘connector.mpkg’ file to start the OS installation

4.(optional) Possibly the following error might occur: ‘The opening of ‘connector.mpkg’ is blocked because the program is not created by a verified company’, to solve this:

1. Press the following buttons on your keyboard “command”+”space” to open the Spotlight search bar.

2. Search for: “System preferences” and press “enter”. The system preferences menu should now have appeared.

3. Select “Security and privacy” and make sure the “general” tab is active.

4. Click on the log to enable editing.

5. Choose “anywhere”

6. Try installing the connector to your Mac again. The changed settings can always be undone after the installation procedure.

5. From here on out you can press “Open route” to open the Connector en load the route.