In advance:

The 'My account' page enables customization of personal information like your: display name, email address, password and your location. You're also able to change your displayed language and unit type (imperial or metric). You can access the 'My account' page as following:

1. Click on your name (top right of your screen)

2. Click on 'My account'

2. Changing your (personal) information

The 'My account' page enables you to edit your information. The page is distributed as following:

2.1 Display name

Here is where you can edit your display name. Your display name is displayed throughout MyRoute-app and it's services.

2.2 Email adress

This is the email address which is linked to your account. Any MyRoute-app related email notifications will be send to this address.

2.3 Password

Changing your password requires both your old password and a new password.

2.4 Notifications

By checking the 'Email notifications' tab you're enabeling your account to receive email notifications.

2.5 Location

This is the location (country) that will be linked to your MyRoute-app account.

2.6 Language

You can change your MyRoute-app default language (by using the drop-down menu) in to the following languages: English, German, French or Dutch.

2.7 Unit

Using the drop-down menu you can change the unit type of distances that are displayed on MyRoute-app (either Imperial or Metric).

2.8 Status

The status of your account is displayed here (either Basic or Gold). 'Status' also allows you to upgrade your 1 year Gold membership tot a lifetime Gold membership. You can also submit any discount codes that are related to the pricing of a Gold membership in the 'status' section.

2.9 Save changes

After you've edited any of the previous details, you can save your adjustments by clicking on the 'Save changes' button.