The connector tool enables our users to easily export their routes directly to their navigation systems. The following steps are required for exporting your routes using our connector tool:

1. Open up your route on MyRoute-app


2. On the top right click on 'Export'

3. The following screen should appear: 

4. Install the connector by clicking on 'Windows' (If you have already installed the connector, you can skip this step)

5. After installing the connector re-open your route on MyRoute-app and once again click on 'Export' 

6. This time while being in the export screen, click on 'Open route' 

7. Your browser will now be receiving a pop-up (protocol request). Click on 'Launch application' 


8. The connector tool will now be opened. This might take several seconds. 


9. Connector your navigation system with your PC using its USB-port. Some devices may have a 'Import route' functionality, make sure to enable this. 


10. The connector tool should have opened at this point:  

11. Select the proper route format for your navigation system in the drop down menu under ‘Select your device’

12. Click on 'Export to device' to start the exporting procedure


13. The exporting progress is now complete. Make sure to check your navigation system to see whether or not any complications might have occurred.