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The support page allows Basic members to view forum posts, reply to forum posts and create their own forum posts. There is also a FAQ available (Frequently Asked Questions) and manuals for using MyRoute-app on our solution page.
Gold members enjoy all these benefits and more. Gold members have exclusive access to our support ticket system. Creating a support ticket allows for personalized answers distributed by our own customer support team (max wait time 48 hours).

You can access the 'Support page' by clicking on Support:


1.  Start

Start is a summary of all the possibilities that our support page has to offer. From here you can access our solutions, forums and supporticket system.

2. Solutions

Clicking the 'Solutions'  page gives access to our manuals page. When you are stuck on a question related to the workings of MyRoute-app as a first medium you can access any of our manuals to find a solution to your problem. Our manuals are organized in a comfortable manner for user satisfaction. However if you are looking for any solution in particular you can always use our search bar to find more specific answers to your questions.

3. Forums

The 'Forums' tab gives access to our MyRoute-app forums. Users and developers can share questions and knowledge on the workings of MyRoute-app through our forums. The bottom section of the page shows which forum posts have recently been added.

Our forum gets monitored on a daily bases by our admins to remove any indecent forum posts.

3.1 Add new forum post

When you want to create your own forum post you can click this section. On the new forum post page you can create your own post and post it in the appropriate forum section.

4 Tickets (Gold)

Gold members have access to our ticket support system. When you have a specific question regarding MyRoute-app, and our manuals/forums could not supply you with a sufficient answer, you can ask your question to any of our customer support staff members.


By clicking on 'New support ticket' you can create a support ticket of your own. Make sure to be as specific as possible in your support ticket so speed up the waiting progress (max 48 hours).