While editing your route, you can compare your current route with the calculation of another map. This is possible with the 'compare route with' option in the toolkit. 

This functionality allows you to compare your route (within your current map) with the route calculation of another map. When you hover your mouse pointer over this function, the other two maps from MyRoute-app appear. Clicking on one of these maps compares the route calculation of this map with your current map.

Activate the comparison 

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over "Compare route with".

  2. Select "Tom Tom" to compare your route with Tom Tom's route calculation.
    Or select "HERE" to compare your route with the route calculation of HERE (Garmin).

In this example, we choose the TomTom Map. The comparison will be between the OpenStreetMap and the TomTom map. The result is visible below. The black line is your original route, the coloured line the calculation of the other map. In this case, the red line is TomTom. 

You can see that the TomTom map in this part of Katwijk makes different choices than the OpenStreetMap.

Multiple maps

It is also possible to select multiple maps at the same time for comparison. Below is an example of the same route being compared with both the HERE map (blue) and the TomTom map (red):


  1. You can even out the route for different navigation systems by adding waypoints. This makes it easier for you to share this route with your other tour participants. 
  2. Using the "expand" button you can increase the number of waypoints, forcing the route to follow the same route as on another map. This will also make the route more even.

See our webinars for more explicit tips and tricks! For example Creating routes for groups: the same route for all.