In advance

If you would like to compare your current route calculation (eg from Google Maps) with the calculation of another map (for example TomTom) while editing your route, you can use the option 'Compare route calculation with' in your Toolkit.
This functionality makes it possible to compare your route (within your current map) with the route calculation of another map. If you keep your mouse button above this function, the other 2 route maps of MyRoute-app will appear. When you click on one of these maps, the route calculation of this map is compared to your current map.

1. Hover your mouse over "Compare route with".
2. Select "Tom Tom" to compare your route with the Tom Tom route calculation.
3. Select "HERE" to compare your route with the route calculation from HERE (Garmin).

In this example we click on TomTom. The comparison will therefore go between Google Maps and TomTom. The result is visible below:

1. You can see Tom Tom choosing a different route here than Google Maps

The black line is the original route. The red line is the route calculation by TomTom


A good tip for comparing route calculations is that when you enable toolkit functionalities within the other map types, these changes will be carried over during the route comparing process. For example: You've created a route using Google Maps (Black line) > Next you switch your map type to TomTom > In the Toolkit of TomTom for example you click on 'Windingness (high)' > You then switch back to Google Maps and click on 'Compare route calculation with TomTom' > The green line that appears (TomTom) is adjusted to be a route with Windingness high because of the changes you have enabled in the TomTom Toolkit. This type of comparison can be very usefull when you want to take over special toolkit functionalities from one map type to another. 

A second tip is that you can compare your route to 2 other map types at the same time.