When you create a route based on a previously driven tracklog, you can use the possibility to compare your new route with the original tracklog. This way, you can easily make any deviations visible and adjust your route if necessary. 

Compare the original tracklog with your route

To compare the tracklog, you have to make the tracklog visible in the route editor of the routelab in the route you are working on. You do this as follows: 

  1. First, click on the tracklogs tab on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click on "add" and select the tracklog that you want to place as a layer (also called overlay) over your route.

Tracklog is now shown

  1. The original tracklog has been added. This is the red line.

  2. To change the colour of the line (red), click on the coloured cube.

  3. To add another tracklog, click on "Add".

  4. You can see that the route (black line) deviates from the original tracklog (shown in red) on these points.

  5. To remove the tracklog from the route, click on the cross.

To make your route the same as your original tracklog, place extra waypoints to force the route calculation to take the same route as your tracklog. For more information about placing extra waypoints on an existing route, see also the chapter "Adjusting waypoints" in our Manual 'Create a new route'.