In advance:

Groups enable users to interactively use MyRoute-app in an interactive way. Members of groups can communicate with each other within the group, and exchange routes / tracks.

Create a new group

On the left side of your screen you will find the tab 'Groups'. Selecting this tab will display an overview of your (possible) current groups and the possibility to create your own group. Click on 'Create group' to create your own group:

1. Start the process to create a new group.
2. Enter the name of the group.
3. Set the privacy of the group.
4. Create the group.

You are then automatically forwarded to the created group.

1. Messages
In this section, members of the group can post a message. These messages are readable for members within the group

2. Timeline
Track logs made with the MyRoute mobile app from different members will appear on the group timeline.

3. Routes
Here members can upload routes in a shared group folder. For more information about uploading routes, refer to the game rules.

4. Information and participants
The members of your group are listed in this section. If you wish to add members to the group you must select 'Invite'. You can then enter the name or email address of the desired new member.

5. Game rules
Game rules can be considered as a bundle of the different number of rules that apply within a group. The Game Rules show which rights and restrictions are granted to certain group members.

6. Sharing
This allows you to share your group via: Twitter, Facebook, Mail or URL

7. Edit group
As a manager of a group you have access to editing group properties. You can, for example: adjust the group image, adjust the group description and adjust the privacy of the group (open or closed group). 

8. Leave
Selecting 'Leave' will leave the group. As an owner of a group, however, you must first transfer the leadership of the group to another member.

9. Manage owners
Here you can remove the owner-role of users. Only other owners can do this.

10. Invite
Here you can invite other users to join the group.