Events offer users of MyRoute-app the possibility to plan route events and invite participants. 

Create a new event

On the left-hand side of your screen, you will find the tab 'Events'. By selecting this tab, an overview of your current events and the possibility to create your own event will appear. 

  1. Click 'Create event' to create your own event.

  2. Enter the name of the event.

  3. Set the privacy of the event.

  4. Choose whether this is a "Navigation event".
    Navigation events: Tracklogs recorded with MyRoute-app Navigation for routes in this event are automatically added to this event.

  5. Finish the process by clicking the blue button. 

The event

You will be automatically redirected to the created event. You will see various options within the event. These different options are explained in more detail below.

1. Messages

Members of the event may post a message in this section. These messages can be read by members of the event.

2. Timeline

On the Timeline of the event, participants can add their own tracklogs using the button at the top of the list. A fun way to compare tracklogs including photos and text and share experiences!

3. Routes

Here members can upload routes in a joint event folder. For more information about uploading routes, see the Manual "Uploading a route, route-track and tracklog".

4. Information and participants

In this section, the members of your event are listed. If you wish to add members to the group, select 'Invite'. You can then enter the name or e-mail address of the desired new member (see also 10 to 13). 

5. Rulebook

The rulebook can be seen as a bundle of the different number of rules that apply within a group. The rules show which rights and restrictions are granted to certain group members. 

6. Share

This allows you to share your event via Twitter, Facebook, mail or URL link.

7. Edit event

As the administrator of a group, you have access to edit group properties. Don't forget to click the green 'save' button after the additions. In this section you can: 

  1. Change the event image;
  2. Change the event name;
  3. Adjust the privacy of the event;
  4. Enter a start and an end date of the event; 
  5. Change the description of the event
  6. Make it possible for new members to join or send an request
  7. Activate if this is a Navigation Event (see before);
  8. Add the location of the event.

8. Leave

By selecting 'Leave', you will leave the event. However, as the administrator of an event, you must first hand over the leadership of the event to another member.

9. Navigation event

Here the participants can find out if this is a navigation event with further explanation.

10. Membership requests

Here you will see any pending membership requests. 

11. Organisers

Here you can remove the role of administrator from users. Only other administrators can do this.


12. Going

Here you can see how is going to join the event. This is also the place where you can invite other users to join the event.  

13. Maybe & Sent invite

Here you can see who responded to your invite to the event with 'maybe'. Beneath that, you will see all the invites you have send and not received an answer to yet. 

Joining an existing event

There are various ways of joining an existing event.  

Join Event

You are looking for an event or come across an event and want to participate. You can do this as follows.  

1. Type the name of the event you in the search bar. Then click on the event. 

2. Click on the 'Participate' button. If the event is a closed event, your request will be sent to the administrators and you will be notified when your request has been answered. 

Being invited

As you can read before, it is also possible that you are invited by someone of an event. You will be notified of this in your notifications.

Clicking this will take you to the event and you will find the same button as above (number 2) to participate in the event. 

In addition, in the left column of the website, under the tab 'Events', you will also see a notification of an invitation. Here you can also accept or decline an invitation by means of icons (see the image below).