In advance:

MyRoute-app allows you to share routes / tracklogs with others. There are several possibilities for this within MyRoute-app.

Option 1: Share routes and track logs via your profile
You can share your track logs as well as your routes via your profile:
1. Go to your profile
2. Select Track Logs or Routes

  1. Click on this icon next to the route or track log of your choice. A new window opens

  1. Share

1 Share on twitter
2 Share on facebook
3 Route mail
4 Share via a link
5 Generate code to show route on your own website. (See image below)

1 Select small size
2 Select medium size
3 Select large size
4 Click here and copy the displayed code to your own website

Option 2: Share routes within your route itself

If you have your route open then you can also choose to share it directly with your friends:

  1. Click on the "Share" icon

  2. By sharing the route or track log with MyRoute-app you publish your route or track log so that it appears in the activity overview.

  3. These options are the same as the previously explained options.