MyRoute-app Gold 30 day long membership, for free!

Experience our ambitiously crafted Gold options for 30 days, free of charge. We have enabled this feature for our users because we believe that after experiencing Gold for 30 days, you will no longer settle for anything else.  With the free basic version for PC and tablet you are already able to search, create, archive, share, convert and save routes and poi’s. And let's not forget about searching friends, creating groups and events just to name a few! With the free app for iPhone and Android you can also record your own routes (tracking), add pictures and text and view these tracks on your profile and on our Activities section of MyRoute-app Web! 

Which additional great features can you expect when you opt in for our free 30 day Gold Trial? 

  • Access to our very own MyRoute-app connector tool: export your routes to your navigation device, easy and fast, using your usb.
  • Save routes through TomTom MyDrive (beta) without the need of using a usb-port. Excellent for iPad and tablet exporting of your routes to newer TomTom devices.
  • Multimapping: create routes using: Google Maps, the original TomTom map and the original HERE (Garmin) map, each of which has it's own unique route calculating capabilities. This enables you to get a solid representation of the route you've created online, as it would appear in either a Garmin or a TomTom.
  • Access to additional key Toolkit functions such as: expand or reduce the amount of waypoints on your route, reversing your route and the option to optimize your route. Specific TomTom options are now also accessible to Garmin users, such as: windingness, routes with the highest altitude differentiation, avoiding unpaved roads, toll roads, highways etc. Additionally. the HERE map Toolkit allows you to avoid seasonal closures, meaning that you can finally add roads that contain mountain passes!
  • Personal support: Gold membership allows you to directly access our support agents who will supply you with answers to any of your questions withing 24 hours. 
  • Gold functions for our mobile app include: find nearby routes while using the app and navigate using the external mobile app Sygic.
  • And this is only a summary, more great features keep getting added to Gold in a rapid pace!  Want to learn more about MyRoute-app, or get help if you run into any complication?,Acces the ‘Support’ section on our site to read our manual section, communicate with other users on our forum or (as a Gold member only) create a ticket. 

How do i start my 30 day free MyRoute-app Gold Trial?

  • NEW-users: 1. Go to 2. select ‘Register’ 3. On the left, click he blue button saying 'try 30 day trial'.

  • EXISTING-users:

1. Login to your MyRoute-app account

2. Select 'Upgrade' on the top of your screen

3. Then select the option to start your 30 day trial, located on the top of your screen

4. Your trial will now have been activated. On the top of your webpage you will find a new banner with the text "MyRoute-app Gold trial will expire in 30 days" followed by the option to purchase a full Gold license.

During this trial, you will have the same vast route making capabilities that all our Gold members enjoy. Please let us know what you think, we'd love to hear your feedback!