Export your routes via the cloud! 

…MyRoute app Gold users can now now access TomTom Rider 40/400/41/410 and the new TomTom Go series for cars. This is useful and fun, since no USB cable is required, which means you can now also export routes via a tablet! It does, however, come 'with reservation'; it is a beta feature, which means it is not 'fixed' functionality. Still, we don't want to keep this functionality from you. This is how it works:

Pay attention!
The routes will no longer appear in the MyDrive overview. Unfortunately, TomTom stopped supporting this function.
However, the routes will still appear in the linked TomTom.
If you want to have a route in your MyDrive overview, you have to save the route as a .GPX 1.1 file and upload it manually to your MyDrive overview.

1. Make sure you have created a TomTom MyDrive account.

2. Make sure your smartphone has an Internet connection for your Rider (if necessary, see the TomTom user manual).

3. Open or create a route in the MyRoute app web, preferably in the TomTom map.

4. Choose "Save As" above right, and then right at the bottom before 'TomTom MyDrive (beta)'.

5. Fill in your MyDrive your email address and below that your MyDrive password.

6. You can choose the following file types: 1) .gpx (road, track), (2) ov2 (POI).

7. Choose a route export .gpx; 

8. Start your TomTom, click on "Menu", then "My routes", where you will find your route. Preferably use the route with 'Track'.

9. Have fun and drive safely!


Export your POIs via the cloud! 

…This is now also possible, but is slightly more complicated. Here's an explanation:


1. Add POI to your route, click here for a description. Choose the last field for 'POI' and not 'Waypoint'.

2. Follow the first six steps of 'Export your routes via the cloud'.

3. Choose POI Export ov2 (POI).

4. Start your TomTom, click "Menu", then "My Places", click on the POI file.

5. Click on the POIs one by one, then click the three dots and click 'Add to place'.

6. Now you can change the name if you want and then click 'Add' at the bottom right.

7. The POI has been added with the name and icon on the map of your TomTom.

8. Have fun and drive safely!