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POI's (Points Of Interest) are useful landmarks on your map such as: gas stations, hotels, restaurants etc. You can easily add POI's directly to your map by accessing our vast POI database system. In order for Garmin to import your POI's, it is essential that you select the .gpx file type. These type of files can contain both waypoints and POI's

We advice you to use the HERE map during the following process:

Steps for adding POI's to your route:

1. Open your route, and select 'Search POI's' on the left of your screen

A = Search POI's

B = Zoom map to load POI's, meaning that POI's will only appear when you've zoomed in far enough for them to load. After you've zoomed in enough, this emblem will change to the color green with the text "Select POI's"

C = The POI category menu. Select which type of POI you're looking for by selecting any category

2. Select the type of POI's you wish to add and zoom in far enough for them to appear. Note that it might take the map a few seconds to load all the POI's in compacter area's. If you're not certain whether or not you're zoomed in far enough to view POI's, look to see if the your emblem has changed to green with the 'Select POI's' text.

3.Select a desired POI and click on '+add'

*Toevoegen = Add

4. The following window will pop-up

Select a name for your POI, and then check the 'POI' box to add the point as an actual POI to your route. This wil make it so that your navigation device will recognize this point to be an actual POI. 

This POI (and any other POI you add), will be located inside of the 'Manage POI's' tab on the left of your screen. This is also where, at any time, you can remove a POI from your map.

4. Export your route as a .gpx file by clicking save as on the top right of your screen. 

How to use POI's in conjunction with your Garmin

1. Import your route with POI's as a .gpx file to your Garmin. This is done by:

>Connecting your Garmin to your computer
>Exporting the route form your computer to your Garmin

>Then select yes when asked 'import route to tripplanner' 

>Then press 'Import'

Your route (including POI's) is now located on your Garmin


We recommend you to use the 'track' component of your gpx file (higher accuracy). To use the track component, follow these instructions:

>Go to apps and select 'tracks' 

>Select your route with the text 'track' in front of it

>The route will now be opened. Open the settings menu on the left of your screen by selecting the 'wrench' incon

>Enable 'Show on map' and press 'convert to trip' 

>Select 'beginning to end' 

>Your track is now usable in your tripplanner

3. Go to your apps menu and select 'tripplanner

4. Select the (track) route

5. Press 'go' 

6. Select 'Begin' 

7. Make sure 'recalculation is disabled' and wait for the 'ready for navigation' text pops up. Then click 'start' 

8. Your POI's will now be view able on your route