In advance:

POI stands for Points Of Interest. These are useful locations on your map such as: petrol stations, hotels, restaurants etc. Via the map of MyRoute-app you can easily search for POIs on your map based on our powerful POI database. POIs can be added to any card type (Google, TomTom and HERE).

* Some remarks:

POIs are not loaded until you do not move the card.
The more you zoom in, the faster the POIs load.
You must have a minimum zoom before the POIs are loaded at all.

  1. Select POIs on the left

  2. Tab to manage your POIs

  3. Tab to search for new POIs

* Please note: when you have zoomed in sufficiently, the folder needs a few seconds to load the POIs. If you are unsure whether you are zoomed in enough to see POIs, check this by checking if you see the green screen with 'select POIs' under POI search.

If you are looking for a POI and have found it, you can add it. Click on the POI for this

1. Add POI.
2. Zoom in on the location of the POI

1.1 Give a name for the POI.
1.2 Indicate whether the point should be added as a waypoint.
1.3 Indicate whether the point should be added as POI.
1.4 Save the choice.


Your POI (along with any POI you added will be located on the left of your route in the 'Manage POIs' category.) You can remove POIs at any time by clicking Manage POIs on the left of a POI on the black cross when you move your mouse over the POI.

In this menu you will find another button, the "Add" button. When you click on this you can click anywhere on the map to add your own unique POI. After clicking, you can also give this item a name. If you change your mind, you can simply click on "Cancel".