1. On the profile page, you'll see the information that's published in your profile. Now click on ''Travel stories'' in the menu.

This is where your travel stories will be placed. Considering this is a manual about creating travel stories, we'll start with an empty list. 

2. Click on “Add journey” to change this.

3. Once you've done that, the following menu will show up. Here, you need to enter your description for this journey. You can also add a nice picture of your journey to make the travel story nicer. When you are ready, click on “add journey”.

4. Once you've done that, it will look something like this:

The basics are done, now we just need to add content.

5. If you scroll down a bit, you will see the following.

This is where you can add a day. Click on it.

6. Next, you will be asked to share some information about this day.
This is the first day of the journey, so I call it “day 1 preparations”.
Next, click on “Next step”.

7. In this space, you can add the information about day 1.
You'll see a big space in which you can type and change the font size. This is where the information about day 1 should go.

8. Once you scroll down a bit, you'll see there's also space to add pictures and videos to this day. 
You can also upload the track corresponding to the day here.

Underneath, you will see space for comments from other people. These reactions are often the best part about writing a travel story.
It's not only nice for the person who traveled to make a travel story, so they never forget this precious memory, but it's also very enjoyable to hear what others think about the travel story. 

In short, travel stories are an ideal way to share experiences with others but also to find good ideas for your next jouney.