1.5.3 - October 22nd, 2019

• Improved stability

1.5.2 - July 30th, 2019

• Fixes for tracklogs and moments that were sometimes not uploaded

1.5.1 - July 28th, 2019

• Fix possible crash in automatic waypoint skipping when the remaining time to a waypoint was not yet calculated

• Fix possible crash when multiple waypoints at the end of the route are placed on the same road

• Various other bug and crash fixes

1.5.0 - July 11, 2019

• Skip waypoints automatically (beta) has been added

• Skipping waypoints from the menu has a new interface which makes it easier to see where you are, what's ahead and select the correct waypoint

• Improved waypoint visited detection when nearby

• Fix error in German translation

1.4.4 - June 21st, 2019
• When starting navigation, the first instruction will now be displayed immediately instead of "1m to start"
• Improvements for resuming navigation or tracking after the app was closed
• The street/direction of navigation instructions is now smaller on small screens to allow more text to be visible
• Improve periodic update checks if app is used in offline mode
• Fix for possible crash if the app was updated while navigation or tracking wasn't finished
• Fix for possible crash after app start in background
• Other minor bug fixes

1.4.3 - May 25th, 2019

• Fix possible issue when reopening active navigation

1.4.2 - May 25th, 2019

• Fix crash when navigation starts at exactly waypoint location

1.4.1 - May 24th, 2019

• Fix issue where "Continue"/straight arrow was sometimes shown as instruction during navigation

• Fix issue where appearance of waypoint markers on the map could change after passing them or recalculation

• Improvements for issue some users where experiencing with moments disappearing after tracklog was uploaded

• Performance improvements

• "Pause navigation when screen is turned off" is no longer on by default for new logins

1.4.0 - May 10th, 2019

• Major improvements to navigation that'll improve stability and the experience when using more complex routes and roundtours

• Reduced data usage while navigation with traffic information enabled

• A more colourful map is now shown in offline mode if Show traffic on maps is enabled

• The suggested name for new waypoints in the route editor is more logical

• The option to recommend a tracklog has been removed

• Fix possible differences between calculated routes in app and MyRoute-app Web

• Fixes for the search function and different languages

• Fix for possible crash when quickly switching between screens in the app

• Fixes for route calculation in offline mode

1.3.7 - February 27th, 2019

• Turn-by-turn navigation / instructions is/are now supported for biking routes

• Improved starting navigation when not moving

• The favorites list is now sorted alphabetically

• Bug and crash fixes

1.3.6 - February 17th, 2019
• For new logins, the privacy setting for new items is set to 'Private' by default. You can change this in the app settings.
• Bug and crash fixes

1.3.5 - February 10th, 2019
• Adjustments to make using routes in Navigation events easier to understand
• Improvements for automatically renewing subscriptions
• Bug and crash fixes

1.3.4 - December 8th, 2018
• Support for Navigation events
• Minor bug fixes

1.3.3 - November 7th, 2018
• You can now tap on full screen lane guidance during navigation to hide it
• Fix issue which could result in navigation restarting at waypoint 1 if more than half of the route was driven
• Fix possible crash when long pressing route in list

1.3.2 - November 1st, 2018
• You can now delete downloaded routes only from your device (instead of device and online)
• Performance improvements
• Bugs fixed for uploading moments
• Fix possible crash when starting navigation with an extensive route

1.3.1 - October 26th, 2018
• Fix crash when loading route preview on some slower devices
• Fix possible crash when starting or resuming navigation
• Fix possible crash after uploading tracklog is completed

1.3 - October 25th, 2018
• Added Events (beta) to the app, which allows you to easily navigate using routes from an event
• Route descriptions are now shown in the route preview screen, and are visible and can be edited in the route editor
• You can now add short notes to waypoints in the route editor
• If you tap on a waypoint during navigation, the name and note will be shown at the bottom of the screen
• Added option to copy route to the route long press menu
• The pop-up for waypoints in the route editor now fits better on smaller screens

• Performance improvements for many and/or large routes/tracklogs
• Performance improvements for the route editor
• Fix for an issue that could cause routes, tracklogs and favorites to get stuck in the queue
• Fixed issue which sometimes caused the upgrade screen to be opened twice
• Fixed possible crash when selecting the same waypoint multiple consecutive times in the route editor
• Crash fixes for searching for next petrol/gas station and traffic information along route

1.2.3 - October 12th, 2018
• Fix crash when starting navigation or free drive on some devices

1.2.2 - October 11th, 2018
• Navigating with the app in the background without active tracking now works more reliable on Android 8.0 and newer
• Improved checks for reaching destination (for example, when starting navigation at the destination's location)
• French translation improvements
• Various bug and crash fixes

1.2.1 - September 30th, 2018
• Calculation errors are now more obviously shown in the route editor and include a better explanation
• The search box is now easier to use in landscape mode
• Adjustment to the display of traffic information to better match the iOS app, added option to turn traffic on/off which is available during navigation
• Fixed bug that caused navigation to be stopped after a successful recalculation in some cases
• Fixed showing tracklog on map after reaching the destination of the navigation
• Performance improvements for navigation
• Various other bug and crash fixes

1.2 - September 19th, 2018
• Added pause feature (beta) to navigation and free drive, option to automatically pause when the screen is turned off
• Waypoints in the route editor are now automatically placed on roads
• By long pressing 'skip' you can now immediately skip one waypoint
• If 'Alert me when I'm speeding' is turned on, the background for your current speed will now turn red when you're driving faster than the speed limit
• Determining your progress in the route (used for skipping, for example) has been improved for waypoints that are not placed exactly on the road
• Deleting instead of finishing tracklogs now requires a confirmation
• Various adjustments to the route editor to better match the route editor on MyRoute-app Web
• Improved support for Android 9/Pie
• Minor performance improvements
• Adjustments to prevent issues with incorrect instructions when starting navigation if the route contains overlapping parts (for example, roundtours)
• Adjustments to prevent an issue where the navigation sometimes returns to waypoint #1 after a while
• Adjustment to improve the recalculation speed after deviating from a route
• Fix display of tracklogs with breaks/pauses
• Fix height of skip waypoint pop-up in landscape mode
• Fixed issue where the map sometimes doesn't jump to the latest location but shows an overview instead
• Fixed issue where the 'center' button sometimes doesn't immediately respond
• Fixed issue where a route that was created in the app but deleted elsewhere wouldn't be removed from the route list in the app
• Fixed issue where the app would keep recalculating after deviating from the route in some cases
• Various other bug fixes

1.1.13 - August 15th, 2018
This update fixes an issue where moments would sometimes all be placed at the same location.

1.1.12 - July 26th, 2018
• Adding search results to a route has been improved and will now better handle routes that use the same road multiple times or pass later waypoints in the route before reaching an earlier waypoint
• The text on the main menu buttons will adjust to the screen size slightly better
• Improved route calculation progress when opening the intial route preview
• Various fixes for crashes that could occur when quitting navigation
• The app will stop navigation less often when calculation fails
• Additional bug fixes

1.1.11 - July 5th, 2018
• An option has been added to the settings to choose a different voice for spoken route instructions. Not just one of the languages the app is translated in, but also many other languages and different voices for the same language!
• The icons for the transport modes have been updated
• Solved crash which could sometimes occur when opening the offline maps screen
• Additional bug fixes

1.1.10 - June 24th, 2018
• Saving moments now works better and is also possible after, for example, rotating the screen
• The alert to save a moment now also includes an option to delete the moment
• Solved bug which could result in the app showing that a favorite was saved, while it actually wasn't
• The app size has been reduced (again)
• Additional bug fixes

1.1.9 - June 20th, 2018
• We'll now recommend the map for your current location, if not yet installed, on the offline maps screen
• Minor performance improvements when opening the route preview
• The navigation/free drive notification now includes a button to quit
• Fixed bug where moments where not always immediately uploaded
• It is now also possible to log out from the upgrade screen if the rest of the app is no longer accessible
• Various crashfixes, including free drive, opening tracklogs and offline maps
• The app download and install size has been reduced
• The advanced option to select a sound output channel has been removed

1.1.8 - May 25th, 2018
• Solved problem which resulted in the map storage location setting (for example, SD card) not being used after changes until the device was restarted
• Android 7.1+: app shortcuts added
• Routes, tracklogs and favorites that have not yet been uploaded can now be deleted
• Performance improvements for route, tracklog and favorite lists
• Simplified changing map storage & download location, added dropdown arrow to offline maps screen
• The app will no longer show an error message by accident in some cases after completing a purchase
• A-B navigation will recalculate less often and restore previous route calculations in more cases
• Fixed bug which prevented deleting some routes
• Buttons/actions for a waypoint could be cut off or not displayed at all on small screens, they will now be displayed on an extra line
• The layout for alerts in the route editor is now more consistent on Android 4.x devices
• Various crashes have been solved

1.1.7 - May 19th, 2018
• Tracklogs that haven't been uploaded can now be openend from the tracklog list
• Last updated date for routes is now updated correctly
• Solved possible crash if the tracklog list was opened while there were unuploaded tracklogs
• Searching for fuel stations along the route will now try to search again more frequently if previous attempts failed
• Fixes for background errors

1.1.6 - May 18th, 2018
• Additional options for search results in the route editor
• The start and finish flags for tracklogs now have a better size and are placed correctly
• Performance improvements for long route, tracklog and favorite lists
• Textual changes
• GPS will no longer remain active after closing the app in some cases
• Statistics for a route in the route editor (duration, distance) will now correctly be shown as 0 if there is only one waypoint
• Favorites will no longer be deleted before they are uploaded in some cases
• Changes to routes will no longer be uploaded more often than needed
• The alert "we couldn't continue navigating and/or tracking" will be displayed less often due to improvements
• Various crash fixes for navigation

1.1.5 - May 12th, 2018
• You can now quickly pause or finish your tracklog from the notification!
• The app will try to restore corrupted offline maps more often
• Crash fixes

1.1.4 - May 11th, 2018
• Improvements for skipping waypoints if the location has changed while the pop-up is opened
• Audio focus now works correctly when an instruction and speed camera warning are played simultaneously
• Minor performance improvements for 64-bit devices
• Various crash fixes

1.1.3 - May 3rd, 2018
• A new list of remaining points makes waypoint skipping during navigation easier
• Updates for offline maps are now automatically installed in the background when connected to an unmetered network
• Active map downloads can now be cancelled in the list as well, instead of only via the notification
• Solved problems with missing maps after certain updates or interruptions
• Automatic offline map updates check will no longer start if no maps have been installed
• Solved possible crash in route, tracklog and favorite lists

1.1.2 - May 2nd, 2018
• Improve uploading of tracklogs after navigation/tracking cannot be continued
• Improve restoring navigation/tracking when restarting app after starting/stopping tracking and route calculation errors
• Adds error code to 'cannot continue navigating and/or tracking' screen to help support
• Fixes bug where navigation screen may not be shown after starting the app, even though navigation was active last time the app was quit
• Crash fixes

1.1.1 - April 28th, 2018
• Option added to lock screen orientation while navigating
• Various options can now be adjusted during navigation using the new "Navigation" button in the side menu
• Sound volume moved to new "Navigation" quick settings menu
• Minor text adjustments to better match the iOS app
• The app will now try to focus on your current location faster when resuming a navigation session
• Fix disappearing local routes and changes to routes if the route list is opened before uploading is completed
• Markers of waypoints with the pop-up opened will no longer remain visible after using undo
• Files for spoken route instructions will no longer be redownloaded every time when the option is turned off
• Fix crash in route editor if the screen is rotated while a new empty route is opened
• Additional bug and crash fixes

1.1.0 - April 12th, 2018
• Waypoint colors are now supported for navigation and in the route editor
• Added option to change waypoint color in route editor
• Creating new routes is now faster
• Change route name is now shown next to change route privacy
• Lay-out for waypoint pop-up updated
• Textual changes to match MyRoute-app Web
• Solved issue which could cause the waypoint pop-up to hide the point
• Crash solved when loading waypoints is delayed after starting navigation
• Crash solved if network unexpectedly became unavailable during sync of routes, tracklogs and favorites

1.0.5 - April 6th, 2018
• Improvements for saving moments
• Handling of situations where you have to login again has been improved
• Other small bug and crash fixes

1.0.4 - March 22nd, 2018
• Traffic-aware routing added
• Layout fixes for devices with non-default fonts and font sizes
• Advanced option to change the sound output channel added
• Fixed issue where the app would sometimes show 'route calculation failed' even though it hadn't
• Fixed issue where route editor could crash if background uploads finished
• Other bug and crash fixes

1.0.3 - March 9th, 2018
• Long pressing recent search results to delete them now works
• Sound volume will no longer be shown during navigation if all sound related features are turned off
• Clarified explanation of 'muted' option
• Improvements for recalculation and multiple spoken route instructions after recalculation
• Restoring free drive now works correctly
• Tracking notification will no longer remain visible after a forced stop in some instances
• Various other improvements and bug and crash fixes

1.0.2 - March 2nd, 2018
• Offline mode added
• Crash fixes

1.0.1 - March 1st, 2018
• Download complete countries at once in the offline maps menu, instead of per region
• Logical sorting of lists in the offline maps menu
• More information for common failed route calculations
• The "Sleep" search category now works properly when Dutch is the language being used
• The app will no longer stutter when closing a screen with active route calculation
• Solved issue where the app sometimes wouldn't start a new route calculation until the app was restarted
• Various other bug and crash fixes

1.0 - February 28th, 2018
Initial public release
Changes compared to the previous early access version:
• Purchasing in the app is now available
• Registration in the app is now available
• Improvements to the interface, validation and error messages for login and registration
• Additional German and French translations added
• Small adjustments to confirmation screens
• Bug fixes for petrol/gas stations and traffic alerts along the route

0.15 - February 25th, 2018
• We will now show information about the upcoming petrol/gas station and traffic alert along the route during navigation
• Added preview for selected search results during navigation, instead of immediately adding them to the route
• Adding search results to a route will now try to consider your waypoints
• Improved interface for traffic alerts during navigation
• Improved interface for bike navigation and free drive
• More information for pedestrians has been added to the map (including public stairs and elevators)
• Small visual updates
• Various bug and crash fixes

0.14.1 - February 8th, 2018
• Recognition of a 'visited' waypoint has been improved
• Route preview crash in some cases has been solved

0.14 - February 6th, 2018
• Progress and recalculation improved, which should be especially noticable for roundtours
• Additional volume options added for navigation which are also available while navigating (for example: to quickly mute the sound)
• Failed route (re)calculations will no longer block the app
• The navigation interface is now updated more frequently while not moving to keep the information up-to-date
• Longer routes will now be fully calculated in the route editor
• All moments are now correctly uploaded
• Tracklogs you've just finished don't have to be downloaded when opened via the track list
• Waypoint placement better matches web/iOS
• Fixes for installation of spoken route instructions
• Solved issue which could cause a tracklog to be shown multiple times in the track list
• Solved issue where speed camera information was sometimes hidden too quickly
• Solved issue which caused the app to always go to free drive mode after restarting, even if free drive was stopped/quit
• Various crashes have been solved

0.13 - January 24th, 2018
• Lane guidance on more roads, not on full screen
• The "More…" search category has been replaced by "Recent", a list of previously selected search results
• Further refinements of the navigation interface
• Any waypoint can be selected as starting point for navigation
• The app will now periodically check for updates for installed offline maps in the background, and notify you if an update is available
• Downloads and updates of offline maps can now be cancelled
• Bug fixes for installing more than one offline map in the same session
• Changing map perspective when starting/stopping navigation has been improved

0.12.1 - January 16th, 2018
• Fixes restoring navigation sessions after the app was closed
• Search will now work immediately after rotating the screen
• Text used in the navigation notification now always matches the text shown in the app
• Additional bug fixes and improvements for navigation

0.12 - January 15th, 2018
• New navigation interface based on feedback
• Simple search feature added to navigation and tracking (replaces hotel search)
• Exiting navigation and tracking has been simplified
• When playing audio (instructions, alert sounds) we'll now try to temporarily lower the volume of other audio playing on the device, such as music from your music app
• Changing the volume while navigating will now adjust the volume used for instructions and alert sounds by default
• The time shown for a navigation route preview now better matches the time shown during navigation
• Remaining time for navigation will now adjust based on traffic information (if available)
• Waypoint markers will now retain the number in the route after recalculations for consistency
• The instruction to your destination now includes text
• The current speed will drop to 0 while not moving in more cases
• Improved navigation notification visiblity for Android 4.x
• Saving route progress (used for skipping and recalculations) has been improved for overlapping route segments
• Improved route duration calculation in the route editor
• Speed camera warnings are now on by default for new users - you can still adjust this in the app settings
• License status is now only shown in the main menu if the license expires soon, the end date is now always visible in the app settings
• Alert sounds for speed cameras now work properly on some devices
• Lane guidance is now shown correctly after rotating in the same session
• The map will keep following your current location after the destination has been reached
• The map style preference will now longer be overwritten by 'default' after navigating for a short while
• Adding favorites no longer requires MyRoute-app Gold in some cases
• Various crashes have been solved

0.11 - January 8th, 2018
• Performance improvements during navigation
• Improved and more reliable system for saving route progress (used for skipping and recalculations)
• Recovering routes is now much faster in most cases
• If there is movement, we'll use the direction of movement in the route (re)calculation for navigation routes
• Traveled part of the current navigation route is now transparent (will disappear)
• The starting location for route calculation will better match the shown current location on the map in some cases
• Improved support for longer routes
• Added images for roundabouts where the first exit is straight ahead and roundabouts where the second exit is left/right (right-/left-driving countries)
• The notification with navigation instructions now also includes a textual action
• Longer 'street names' can be shown for navigation in portrait mode
• The free drive notification now also includes the current speed
• Solved issue which could result in no spoken route instructions in some cases
• Current speed will 'freeze' less often
• Point numbering for navigation has been adjusted; the current location will use a green marker and point 1 will match waypoint 1 by default
• Hours will no longer be shown for relative/remaining times when 0 hours
• Automatic changing between day and night style of the map will now use a calculated sunrise and sunset for the current location
• Lane guidance will change style properly when the map style is changed
• Tracking starts directly after entering the name of the tracklog
• The tracking line is now only shown during free drive
• The route editor button will no longer be visible at the same time as the tracking buttons
• Improved position of tracking buttons in landscape mode while using free drive

• Finishing tracking will no longer exit the navigation screen: the track will be shown after navigation is completed

0.10.2 - December 18th, 2017
• Fix crash in some cases when trying to start the free drive mode

0.10.1 - December 18th, 2017
• Fix crash in some cases when starting navigation for unuploaded routes

0.10 - December 2nd, 2017
• Traffic information on maps (such as maintenance, lane closures) to help you better plan your route. You can choose to disable this feature in the app settings.
• Improvements for map style display
• Fix crash when starting navigation from editor in some cases
• Various other bugs and crashes have been solved

0.9.4 - November 27th, 2017
• Navigation bug fixes
• Fix crash that could occur during uploads

0.9.3 - November 23rd, 2017
• Uploads will no longer start during navigation to improve performance
• Behind the scenes work to improve navigation reliability

0.9.2 - November 18th, 2017
• Fix editor crash when viewing details on the map

0.9.1 - November 17th, 2017
• Improved compatibility with Android 8.0 and 8.1 Oreo
• A-B navigation will now resume more reliably
• Bug fixes and improvements for navigation

0.9 - November 15th, 2017
• Ever needed speed camera warnings? You can now turn them on in the app settings. *Camera information may not be available in all countries.
• Problem solved where search could fail while your location was being determined
• We will no longer show an incorrect remaining time and arrival time for a short time after recalculation
• Bug fixes and improvements for navigation

0.8 - November 10th, 2017

• Lane guidance is now available on major roads, such as motorways! We'll show a clear instruction on your map when you get close to a junction.

0.7.4 - November 9th, 2017
• Turn off the alert sound for speeding in the app settings
• Bug fixes for navigation

0.7.3 - November 3rd, 2017
• You can now choose to skip more than 1 waypoint at a time
• Bug fixes and improvements for navigation
• Performance improvements when saving navigation progress
• Landscape layout improvements

0.7.2 - October 25th, 2017
• Explore your route and surroundings – you can now move the map anywhere while navigating
• Change route privacy in the editor (and fixes privacy reset to 'Public')
• Bug fixes and improvements for navigation

0.7.1 - October 12th, 2017

• Tap and hold favorites in the list to delete them
• Rename and delete favorites in the route editor
• Various other bug fixes and improvements for favorites
• Fix crash when adding a waypoint without available map data

0.7 - October 11th, 2017

• Route and tracklog list: tap and hold items for more options
• Added indication of offline availability, while offline, to route and tracklog list
• Offline maps installed to the SD card will now remain visible after an app update
• Improved settings which require an app restart
• French spoken route instructions will now download and install correctly
• Bug fixes and improvements for spoken route instruction downloads
• Various bugs and crashes have been solved

0.6 - October 4th, 2017

• Smoother location indicator during navigation
• Fixed crash on routes with >127 waypoints
• Fix redownloading routes opened in the editor
• Offline maps menu improvements and bug fixes
• Smaller app install size

0.5 - September 30th, 2017

• Waypoints in the route editor are now numbered and can be re-ordered
• Upload improvements and more status information in the queue
• Fix crash if the route editor is opened while offline
• Other route editor bug fixes and improvements

0.4.3 - September 27th, 2017

• Navigation: improved calculation and reduced errors after resuming and rotating

• Navigation: improved fatal error recovery

• Fix: continuing A-B navigation (search results, favorites) after restart

• Fix: search results, routes and favorites now work after rotating

• Landscape layout improvements

0.4.2 - September 20th, 2017

• Improved road name instructions - for example, on motorways we'll now try to show direction names and exit numbers
• Fix location indicator which was sometimes shown too high on the screen

0.4.1 - September 19th, 2017

• Fix shown distance for search results < 1 mile away when using imperial distances

0.4 - September 19th, 2017

• Performance improvements during navigation
• Improved current speed calculation
• Option to use miles + yards instead of miles + feet
• Improved remaining subscription duration display (tip: tap on it for the exact date)

0.3 - September 12th, 2017

Please note: you will have to redownload offline maps after installing this update.

• Android 4.4+: option to save maps to a SD card, if available

• Various crashes have been solved

0.2.4 - September 5th, 2017

• Improved route recalculation

• Consistent voices for voice instructions

• Various crashes have been solved

• Additional bug fixes and improvements

0.2.3 - September 2nd, 2017

• Fix imperial distances (ft)

0.2.2 - September 2nd, 2017

• Fix crash when trying to use free drive

• More reliable navigation resuming

• Slightly smaller app install size

0.2.1 - September 1st, 2017

Initial early access release