v1.0.23 - 22nd of October

- Improved stability

- Several graphical improvements

v1.0.21 - 20th of June 

- Several small improvements

- Fixed share button staying visible when viewing tracklog statistics. 

- Fixed navigation bar being shown after leaving finished tracklog.

- It is no longer required to add a title to a moment.

- Improved visibility smaller devices and iPads.

- Fixed screen being unresponsive when pinch zooming during navigation.

- Fixed question mark being shown  as navigation instruction.

- Improved detection of gas stations.

- Improved behavior when the device loses network connection.

v1.0.20 - 3rd of June 

- Several minor improvements.

v1.0.19 - 24th of March 

- Several minor improvements.

v1.0.18 - 23th of March 

- Several minor improvements.

v1.0.17 - 24th of April 

- Several minor improvements.

v1.0.16 - 18th of March 

- Several minor improvements.

v1.0.15 - 5th of March 

- Turn-by-turn navigation instructions fore bicycle mode

- Graphical improvements

- Fixed several bugs that caused the app to crash

v1.0.14 - 10th of February 

- Several minor improvements.

v1.0.13 - 2nd of February 

- Notes of routes and routepoints can now be seen.

v1.0.12 - 26th of January 

- Fix for offline maps page being stuck.

v1.0.11 - 24th of January 

- Routes of events are now visible to use or edit.

v1.0.10 - 27th of October

- Fix for disappearing routepoint colours.

- Fix for night mode not being activated.

- Fix navigation sidebar freezing
- Fix undo button being removed after deleting waypoint
- Fix not being able to finish a navigation session
- Fix inability to share a track that has just been completed
- Realistic images can now be hidden with a gesture
- Increase threshold of notice about bad GPS signal
- Display upcoming traffic events and gas stations on the route
- Improved overal stability

v1.0.9 - 1st of October

- Improved overal stability.

- Full support for iOS 12.

v1.0.8 - 17th of September

- Several performance improvements during a navigation session.

- Added 3D actions.

- Fixed the possibility to add attachments in a support message.

- Fixed the subscription status not being updated automatically.

v1.0.7 - 1st of May

- Improved synchronisation between MyRoute-app Web and MyRoute-app Navigation.

- Diagnostic tool available when a route calculation fails. Send the report if you want us to prevent the error in the future.

v1.0.6 - 24th of April

- In the top right corner of the screen "Offline maps" you will find a button "update" when updates of your downloaded map data are available.
- The installation status of files required for the voice guidance will be displayed in the settings menu.
- Alternative colors of route points will be shown.
- Fixed problem that caused subscription information not being displayed.
- Fixed problem that caused "search" to not work during navigation.

v27 - 10th of April

- Fixed more payment problems
- Expanded settings menu

v23 - 22th of March

- Fixed payment problems
- Overal stability improved

v22 - 13th of March

- Improved route suggestion based on traffic information

- Files required for voice guidance will be updated automatically

- Improved instructions when navigating by foot

- Problem solved which was the cause of many failing route calculations since the previous update

- Problem solved which caused the app to crash when sharing something a an iPad

- Problem solved which caused the app to crash after searching a POI

v18 - 4th of March

- Improved iPhone X lay-out

- New color scheme for the navigation screen

- Various reported problems have been resolved

Launch - 1st of March march

- Several graphical improvements to the navigation screen

- Several improvements to the pedestrian navgation

- Improved bluetooth audio routing of spoken instructions

- POI's and traffic events are being displayed in the map

- Added lane assistance

- Route points can be moved by pressing them for a longer period of time

- Voice guidance can be disabled

- Offline mode added

- Long street names will be fully visible

- Problem solved which causes the screen to go to sleep after taking a picture

v17 - 28th of January

- Improved route recalculation

- Improved lay-out on iPhone X

- Improved names and icons for manoeuvres

- Improved time condition for night mode

- Improved lay-out of navigation screen

- Driven roads are now transparent

- Subscription information has been moved to settings menu

- Numbers are added to waypoint list in route editor

- Instructions appear instantly when starting navigation

- Time to arrival includes traffic time

- Fixed synchronisation of route preferences with MyRoute-app Web

v12 - 29th of December

- App does now work on iPads

- Route preferences can be changed during navigation

- Ability to add addresses during navigation

- Subscription status will not be shown on the main menu

- Problem solved which caused the app to crash on an iPhone X

- Problem solved which prevented the app from recalculation after resuming a navigation session

- Problem solved which prevented the French voice being played

v1.0.0.20 - 27th of November

- Problem solved which prevented route and track overview from being loaded on iOS 9.

- Problem solved which caused the app to crash when taking a photo.

- Problem solved which caused the app to crash when recalculating the route.

- Problem solved which prevented to skip more than one route points.

- Problem solved which caused the settings icon to disappear.

v1.0.0.16 - 2th of November

- Recalculation of a route has been improved.

- When nearing a speed camera you will receive a visual and auditive warning.

- Blockage and Skip buttons become invisible during "A to B" navigation.

- The map can be moved during navigation. Return by using the "Center" button.

- After leaving the route editor the route collection will load faster.

- Part of the route that has already been driven will become invisible.

- Route line has become thicker to improve visibility.

- Automatic zooming has been improved.

- Problem solved which caused the speed and speed limit to display incorrectly.

- Problem solved which caused the app to crash after canceling a navigation session.

- Problem solved which caused a route line to float above the landscape.

- Problem solved which prevented the route settings from being changed.

- Problem solved which caused a navigation session to continue after being cancelled.

- Problem solved which caused a female voice being used instead of a male voice.

- Problem solved which caused a recorded tracklog and attached moments not being saved.

- Problem solved which caused the position indicator to move by itself.

v1.0.0.11 - 22th of September

- Added imperial US measurement system

- Speed is correctly displayed in mi/h.

- Tracks and routes can be deleted.

- Empty routes will not be saved.

- Distance will be rounded to nearest 10.

- Different icons for roundabouts.

v1.0.0.10 - 16th of September

- Voice navigation will be loaded in correct language.

- Downloading multiple maps is fixed.

- Better representation of remaining subscription duration.

v1.0.0.9 - 8th of September

- Fixed problems with German and French translations

- Tracklogs save correctly

- Fixed statistics of tracks

v1.0.0.8 - 7th of September

• Fixed problems with English translations.