With the help of all kinds of handy tools, it is easy to create the most enjoyable routes. In this manual, we explain how you can easily create a winding route in MRA Routeplanner! This option is available to all MRA Routeplanner Gold users. We will also explain how you can then use this route in the MRA Navigation app.

Create a route with high windingness  

You open the route editor in MRA Routeplanner to start.

  • 1] Set the map settings to TomTom;
  • Create a route with the waypoints you want in it;
  • 2] Click on 'toolkit' and click on the 'windingness' option. Set it to 'high'.
  • 3] Then click on 'toolkit' again and increase the number of waypoints in the route using the 'expand' option;
  • Check the new waypoints: are all the waypoints still on the road, after exits and junctions? Then you can continue!

You have now created a beautiful winding route!

Using the route in MRA Navigation 

Routes that are planned on a TomTom map can cause unexpected problems when you navigate with MRA Navigation or use a Garmin device. 

After performing the steps above, do the following:

  • Change the map settings (indicated in option 1) to the HERE map;
  • Check all the waypoints again; are they still all on the road and after exits and junctions? Have there not been any strange bends or detours that you can correct by moving a waypoint slightly? Then the route is ready for use!
  • You can compare if the windingness is still the same as the TomTom map with 'Compare Route calculation'

Can I create a winding route in the MRA Navigation app?

Currently, it is not yet possible to create a winding route in the MRA Navigation app. The developers are doing their utmost to add this as soon as possible. For now, you can use the MRA Routeplanner Gold subscription to create a winding route in the way described above and also use it for MRA Navigation. As soon as the route is complete, you will see it appear in your route overview in MRA Navigation.