You can find offline mode in the settings of the app. By enabling offline mode, all map-related features will work offline, even if the device is connected to the internet - convenient to prevent lots of data usage! 

In our manual 'Offline mode in MRA Navigation' you can read more about the use of the offline mode. 

What features does offline mode affect?

All map-related functions are performed offline. Think about this:

  • Showing the maps 
  • Searching
  • Route calculations

Therefore the function will not work properly if there is no offline map. It is therefore important that you download the correct maps before switching on offline mode (see more information below). 

By using offline mode, the following functions may not be available or may not be up to date:

  • Arrival time that takes into account the current traffic situation
  • Traffic data on the map and along the route
  • Download offline maps

Functions not related to maps remain connected to the internet in offline mode. For example, synchronization with your MyRoute-app account and support/information in the main menu. This allows you to continue downloading your routes and uploading tracklogs without any problems while in offline mode.

How is offline mode different from using airplane mode?

When airplane mode is used, it is not possible for the app to connect to the internet. Other online features, such as synchronization with your MyRoute-app account, will therefore also be unavailable. Additionally, fewer sensors will be available to detect your location, causing location detection to take longer or be less reliable.