It is certainly possible to upload a GPX file to your MyRoute-app account so that you can navigate with it. We are currently developing a GPX import feature for the app. Until that option is available, you can upload a GPX file via our web browser. 

  • Go to the MRA Routeplanner via your internet browser (;
  • Here you can log in with the same data you used to log in to the MRA Navigation app (for more information about logging in, please see our FAQ page How do I log in?);
  • Here you will find the upload option where you can upload routes as well as tracks. We have included a very detailed explanation of this in the Manual "Uploading a route, route-track, and tracklog" so please take a look at it;
  • After you have uploaded the route or track, you can check it in the MRA Routeplanner and edit it if necessary. It is advisable to use the HERE map because MRA Navigation uses this map;
  • Finally, you reload the navigation app and you will see the new route in your route list and you can use it as any other route to navigate.