In advance:

To easily and quickly plan a nice tour of your current (or other) location, the roundtour tool has been developed. This way you can plan a nice route within a few minutes by indicating how far or how long you want to drive.

1. Click on "Roundtour" to start

1. Find a place from which you want to start.
2. Or click anywhere on the map.
3. Indicate how long you want to drive. This can be done in Kilometers but also in hours / minutes.
4. Here you can change other settings.
5. Indicate the direction you want to drive. Pay attention, imagine the direction is completely in the water, or somewhere else you can not drive, it is possible that no round trip can be found.
6. Click here to calculate the tour.

After calculating the tour you will see how the route will run.

  1. If the route is not entirely satisfactory, adjust a number of parameters again click on "Calculate tour".

  2. Here you see the details of the route.

  3. If you are satisfied, click here.

  1. Enter a name for the route.

  2. Indicate the privacy settings.

  3. Click on "Save".

The tour is now saved as "Route-track", a new file format. This is a route but this route now uses many points (such as a track log) instead of a few route points. This allows you to place it exactly on your navigation according to your wishes.

  1. Export this route directly to your navigation.

  2. Download the file as a selected format.

  3. If the route is not entirely to your liking, you can click here. Then the file is converted to a conventional route with route points that you can edit as you like.