If you can't find your TomTom device in the list of different instruction video's, then please follow this manual. The basics of exporting to a TomTom device are explained.

1. Make sure that you make a route in the TomTom map.

2. Connect your TomTom device to your computer via a USB cable (modern TomTom devices can also export via TomTom MyDrive, for more information on this, please watch this video).

3. For the more modern TomTom devices enable the 'import modus', this screen will appear once you connect the TomTom to your computer.

4. Click on 'export' in MyRouteApp.

5. A screen to the connector will open, Please click 'open route'.

6. The connector will be opened. If you haven't downloaded the connector, please do this. You can choose from .ITN or GPX 1.1 files to export to your device. For the modern TomTom devices, we recommend GPX 1.1, for the older ones .ITN.

7. Select the routes you wish to import on your TomTom.

8. Go to 'My routes', where your route will be shown. When you click the route you can choose between routes and tracks. We advise using the track since it is more accurate.

9. The route will be calculated, you can drive the route!

This is a general manual for exporting routes to your TomTom device. This means that you may have to skip or add a step. If you are unable to export the route to your TomTom device, please contact Customer Support