If you can't find your Garmin device in the different instruction video's please follow this manual. This includes the basics on exporting to a Garmin device.

1. Make sure you make a route in the Garmin/HERE map.

2. Connect your Garmin to your computer via a USB cable. Fore some Garmin devices you are required to select the 'transfer mode', for most devices however this happens automatically.

3. If you have inserted an SD-card in your Garmin device, it sometimes helps to remove it.

4. Click on 'export' in MyRouteApp.

5. A screen regarding the connector will appear. If you haven't installed it yet, please do this. 

6. Click 'open route'.

7. The connector will appear. You can choose between different types of files. If you have an older Garmin device please choose GPX 1.0, for the newer models we recommend GPX 1.1. Then click 'export'.

8. Disconnect your Garmin.

9. A screen will appear on your Garmin with the imported routes, select the correct route and import it.

10. Your route will appear in 'apps' and 'tripplanner'. With some Garmin devices, straight lines will be shown. To solve this problem please read this manual.

11. Select the track and click 'Go!'

12. Select 'Begin' in the next screen.

13. Your Garmin will calculate the route.

14. Click 'Start', You can now drive the route.

This is a general manual on exporting a route to a Garmin device. This means that you may have to skip or add steps. If you are unable to export the route to your Garmin, please contact Customer Support.