Many users like to plan their routes for the coming year during the winter (so do we!). At that time some roads are closed and this can cause confusing routes during planning. This way you avoid that problem!

You have opened the route in question in the route planner. 

  • Use the HERE map;
  • Click on the 'Toolkit' button; a drop-down menu appears;
  • Select the option: 'Deactivate season closures'.

Pay attention! Please check the seasonal closures before departure. If you drive in the season that the road is closed, the route calculation cannot change this. Make sure there are no surprises!


This method often solves the problems, but it may not be sufficient. This is the case, for example, if you want to use the TomTom map because it works better with your navigation system. Even then, however, it is quite possible to pass a seasonal closure. This works in the same way as the trick we always use to use a ferry that is not recognised by the map. See: How do I prevent diversions at ferries and roads that are not recognised?