Many motorcyclists plan their routes for the coming summer during the winter. During the winter some roads are closed, this may cause problems. To resolve these issues, simply follow the following steps:

1. Use the HERE map

2. Go to 'Toolkit'

3 Select 'Disable Seasonal closure'

This method often solves the problem, however, sometimes it does not. This may occur when you use the TomTom map because this works best with your device. When this happens it is best to use the following method, it can be used when you encounter a ferry which MyRoute-app does not recognize too:

1. Place a waypoint at the beginning of the closed road/ferry

2. Place a waypoint at the end of the road/ferry

3. Select the second waypoint

4. Select 'more options'

5. Select 'Skip'

6. A straight line will appear between the two waypoints. This will pause the route when you are navigating, when you arrive to the second waypoint the route will continue.